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Mahesh Raghvan – Music Producer / Artist / Indian Classical Fusion.

Creative Director for IndianRaga – An US-based platform that promotes classical arts.

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Mahesh Raghvan is a Carnatic Music Fusion artist whose artistic goal is to present and create Indian Classical Fusion Music in contemporary ways for modern audiences. He plays new electronic musical instruments and runs a fusion project called FLAIR – Carnatic Music 2.0. His experiments with Carnatic Music on the iPad are published on his YouTube and Facebook pages.

He has an MSc. in Digital Composition and Performance from the University of Edinburgh. Besides his specialization, he is extremely passionate about related fields such as visual arts, mobile application development, digital media, sound design, and film. He is the Creative Director of IndianRaga, and also works with major music technology companies to make Indian Classical Music playable on their hardware/software. Besides being a performing musician, He also gives music technology-related workshops at various universities and schools.

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Mahesh started his training in Carnatic vocal music at the age of 4, under his aunt, Mrs. Indira Krishnan. He has completed his MSc in Music Technology from the University of Edinburgh, and his BA in Audio Production from SAE Institute, Dubai. He is also trained in western keyboards and the guitar.

Have A Look At Some Best Work Of Mahesh.

Shape of You Medley (Live) – Carnatic 2.0 | Mahesh Raghvan & Shravan SridharClick the image to watch the video.

Harry Potter – The Ultimate Indian ThemeClick the image to watch this video.

Despacito – Indian Classical Version (feat. Praveen Prathapan & Janan Sathiendran)Click the image to watch the video.

Pirates of the Caribbean Theme – The Indian Version (iPad and ROLI Seaboard Rise)Click the image to watch the video.

Shape Of You Indian Mix (Feat. Aditya Rao) | New Age CarnaticClick the image to watch the video.

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