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Michael Soul : r&b and Pop Artist

In Michael’s discography, one can find slow ballads and party tracks, since Soul is not tied to style, but follows emotional impulses in creativity.

Michael Soul is a trending artist performing in r&b, pop and soul styles. In Michael’s discography, one can find slow ballads and party tracks, since Soul is not tied to style, but follows emotional impulses in creativity. Fresh and trendy music makes Michael one of the trendsetters in the music space, allowing everyone to reveal the boundaries of their musical thinking, listening to the artist and discovering his new musical facets.

At the beginning of his career,Michael Soul participated in the television projects “X-Factor” and “The Voice”, in which he was fortunate enough to join the team of Tina Karol. After that, Michael became more noticeable to the Ukrainian audience and his performances began to gain millions of views on YouTube.

A year later, he travelled alongside NAVIBAND to Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv, where he was the Belarusian indie group’s backing vocalist. On the wave, in 2018, Michael’s debut album Inside was released, which quickly became popular and reached number one iTunes.

After returning to Belarus, he participated in the country’s selection in 2019. Despite being a local fan favourite, he stranded in fourth position. The next single, Humanize, followed suit, gaining the love of the listener and introducing the European audience to the performer finalist in the selection for the European television competition “Eurovision 2019”. In the same year, Michael Soul visited several countries with performances in order to perform favorite singles for the audience. In June the artist gave his first solo concert, which fans and invited guests considered to be the most successful debut show.

Ever since then, Michael has continued to work on his artistry and style. He recently moved from Minsk to Ukraine to further develop himself musically — working together with local artists. Integrating into a new country is no easy feat but he’s determined to learn the local language and has been impressing Ukrainian fans with his attempts to speak the country’s language.

On January 4, 2020, the second mini-album called “4U” was released, which has traditionally become a new musical vision of the artist and a kind of gestalt for himself.On October 15, 2021, the third mini-album called “Heartbreaker PLATINUM” was released.On February 10, 2022, a single in Ukrainian “Tіlki Tobі” was released together with Jusona.On February 12, 2022, Michael Soul became the finalist of the national qualifying round for Eurovision 2022 from Ukraine. He performed “Demons” — a deep, dark pop song similar to his earlier artistry.


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