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Mot : The Solo Career of the Russian Artist

Mot is a well known  artist from Russia. As per the Internet information there are 71 songs by Mot. Mot’s songs burned through 87 weeks in the graphs. Mot appeared in Top Chart that measure the best Russian musicians/bands and the highest position noted by Mot is 1.
From March 1, 2013 , he is an artist of the label “Black Star Inc.”After almost 10 years, now the Mot has decided to go on a solo voyage.

At 5 years old, he moved to Krasnodar with his loved ones. After 9 classes at school, at fifteen years old, he moved to Moscow. Simultaneously, his interest with hip-jump started; in equal, he was occupied with singing and moving. In secondary school, he participated in dramatic school creations.Mot began to write his first songs in 2006: they were banter freestyles dedicated to Russian rap. Later, the musician began to write more serious texts composed by the music of Caste and CunninLynguists.

Mot : The Solo Career of the Russian Artist

MOT’s Music Career

In 2007, Matvey began recording at the GLSS studio together with KOKA beats, under whose instrumental in 2009 he took part in the Battle for Respect contest, where among 2000 participants he got into the Top 40. There, on the advice of Legalize, he changed his nickname “BthaMoT2bdabot” to “Mot.” In 2011, he performed in Luzhniki at the First International Hip-Hop Summit, where, in addition to famous Russian rappers, foreign performers arrived: Onyx and Raekwon. Mot’s debut album was released in January 2011 and was called Remote. The album contained 12 tracks, including joint ones with musician Ilya Kireev, Katrin Mokko and ms. Sounday. The recording and mixing of the album was done by Denis KOKA.

Mot : The Solo Career of the Russian ArtistIn September 2011, the video for the song “Millions of Stars” was presented. In February 2012, Mota’s second album, Repair, was released. It included 11 tracks, and invited performers – L’One, LIYA, Katya Nova and Ilya Kireev took part in the recording. In October, Matvey’s video for the song “To the Shores” was released. He starred in the hometown of Matvey Krymsk, where earlier in July of that year there was a devastating flood. The presentation of the video was held on October 5 at the Lookin Rooms club.
Mot : The Solo Career of the Russian Artist

According to a survey of the site Rap.ru, the clip “To the Shores” entered the Top 5 best Russian clips of October 2012. The track itself was included for the dubbing of the documentary “Fair Play: Hitchhiking”, shown on the Moscow-24 TV channel. In mid-January 2013, Mot left Soul Kitchen and became an artist on Black Star Inc. In early March, Mota’s first single was released on this label, titled “#MotSteleteChoSeli”. Also, a clip was released on this track, directed by Rustam Romanov. Mot also worked on his third album, Dash, which was released in the fall of 2013. March 14, 2016 released the fourth studio album Inside Out. It includes collaborative songs with Jah Khalib, Bianca, Music Hayk and Artyom Pivovarov.

Mot : The Solo Career of the Russian ArtistOn April 27, Timati released his fifth studio album, Olympus, in which Matvey took part in the recording of the joint track New Russian Dream. On June 1, he released his fifth studio album, 92 Days. It included 10 tracks, and invited performers – Timati, Misha Marvin, DJ Philchansky and Capella took part in the recording. The songs were released for the songs “Day and Night”, “92 Days”, “At the Bottom” and “Maybe ?!”. On October 23, 2017, he released his sixth studio album, “Good Keyboard Music,” consisting of 10 songs. Artem Pivovarov, Ani Lorak and Gayana took part in the recording of the album.

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