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Slot Machine: Rocking Through Time and Borders

Slot Machine: Rocking Through Time and Borders

Slot Machine has become a powerhouse in the Thai rock music scene, seamlessly blending modern rock with their distinctive Thai identity.

Since their formation in 2004, Slot Machine has become a powerhouse in the Thai rock music scene, seamlessly blending modern rock with their distinctive Thai identity. What sets them apart is not just their music but also their sci-fi/futuristic image and the iconic triangle hand sign, both of which have become synonymous with the band in the hearts of millions of Thai rock fans.

Slot Machine: Rocking Through Time and Borders

The journey of Slot Machine began in the halls of high school, where a group of boys formed a musical alliance that would later take the nation by storm. Their self-titled debut album in 2004 marked the emergence of a unique sound, highlighted by the hit single 'Ro' (I'm Waiting For You). The release of their sophomore album "Mutation" in 2006, produced by Scott Moffatt of The Moffatts fame, catapulted them further into the limelight with megahits like 'Phan' (Yesterday) and 'Kham Sutthai' (Song for U). The band's trajectory continued upward when they opened for Linkin Park's Bangkok concert in front of a massive audience of 30,000 fans.

"Grey," their third studio album released in 2008, showcased a more experimental sound, solidifying their reputation for musical evolution. The subsequent years saw Slot Machine achieving new heights with their fourth studio album, "Cell," in 2011. Produced by Montonn "Jay" Jira, the album was named 'Album of The Year,' and the band was crowned 'Best Group' in numerous media awards. Tracks like 'Chan Chao' (Goodbye) and "Pluto Thirak" (Pluto My Love) cemented their status as one of Thailand's greatest rock bands.

Slot Machine: Rocking Through Time and Borders

In 2013, Slot Machine's golden year, they received a nomination for 'Best Southeast Asian Act' at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Their collaboration with MTV on Human Trafficking Awareness concerts led them to perform at the MTV EXIT LIVE IN MYANMAR charity concert before 70,000 people. This event aimed to raise awareness about human trafficking, showcasing the band's commitment to social causes.

The momentum continued in 2014 with another 'Best Southeast Asian Act' nomination at the MTV EMA's. Their fifth album, 'Rainbow,' produced by Australian talent Daniel Denholm, featured hits like 'Rung' (Rainbow) and 'Khloem,' amassing over 150 million views on YouTube. The band celebrated their 10th anniversary with a live concert, 'Slot Machine – The First Contact,' before 15,000 fans at Impact Arena, Thailand's largest indoor concert venue.

Slot Machine embarked on their international venture with the release of their first all-English album in 2016. Working with six-time Grammy Award-winning producer Steve Lillywhite, they aimed to reach new horizons. The lead single 'Give It All To You' from the album "Spin The World" marked their first international single, distributed via Sony Music across various countries. They performed at international music festivals, including Taipei's 'Super Slippa Festival,' solidifying their presence on the global stage.

Slot Machine: Rocking Through Time and Borders

2018 saw Slot Machine collaborating with top US-based producers Brandon Darner and Justin Stanley, bringing a fresh perspective to their songwriting and music production. The release of four new English-language singles and three Thai-language singles preceded the launch of their album "Third Eye View" in 2020, featuring 14 tracks in English and four in Thai.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a pause to their illustrious career, but Slot Machine bounced back in July 2021 with the release of "Chai No Chai," an uplifting rock anthem encouraging everyone to stand up and move forward post-pandemic. In March 2022, they contributed the theme song for the international hit TV show "KinnPorsche The Series," releasing it simultaneously in both English ("Free Fall") and Thai ("Phiang Wai Chai") versions.

Slot Machine's resilience and musical prowess have not only kept them relevant in the Thai music scene but have also opened doors to a global audience. With a newfound confidence, they are poised to script a new chapter in their musical journey, ready to conquer the international music scene.

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